Estate Planning & Administration

Yergey Daylor’s attorneys are dedicated to providing attentive listening and meticulous assessment of their client’s needs, ensuring the development of practical and beneficial solutions.

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Estate Planning & Administration

We pride ourselves on providing expert advice to our clients regarding wills, powers of attorney, advanced health care directives, trusts, and estate and inheritance tax matters. With our professional guidance, clients can rest assured that their legal affairs are in good hands.


Establishing trusts is a fundamental part of estate planning. Trusts offer asset protection, asset management, and the ability to determine how they are distributed, potentially reducing estate taxes. Our team will guide you through creating different types of trusts, including revocable living trusts, irrevocable trusts, and special needs trusts.


Having a will is essential to determine how your assets are distributed legally after passing. Our estate planning attorneys will draft a comprehensive will that reflects your wishes, designates guardians for minor children, and minimizes potential disputes among beneficiaries.

Probate Administration

After losing a loved one, the probate process can be overwhelming. Our estate administration services include assisting with probate proceedings, ensuring proper asset distribution, and addressing any challenges. We strive to streamline probate administration to minimize delays and expenses.

Estate Tax Planning

Effective estate tax planning is essential for preserving wealth and minimizing tax liabilities. Our team provides strategies to mitigate estate taxes, such as utilizing exemptions, establishing charitable trusts, or implementing a gifting strategy. We ensure that your assets are maximized for the benefit of your loved ones.

Powers of Attorney

Preparing for incapacity or disability is a vital part of estate planning. We will help you create powers of attorney that designate trusted individuals to make financial, legal, and healthcare decisions if you cannot do so. Planning ensures your interests are protected, and your wishes are honored.

Advance Healthcare Directives

Advance healthcare directives, including living wills and healthcare proxies, allow you to express your medical treatment preferences and appoint someone to make healthcare decisions when you cannot. Our estate planning services guide you through creating these essential documents to ensure your healthcare wishes are respected.

Business Succession Planning

If you own a business, planning for its future is crucial. Our estate planning attorneys will assist you in developing a comprehensive business succession plan that addresses the transfer of ownership, management, and assets to the next generation of chosen successors.

Charitable Giving Strategies

Incorporating philanthropic goals into your estate plan can have a lasting impact on causes dear to your heart. We can help you explore charitable giving strategies that align with your values, such as establishing charitable trusts or foundations. These strategies provide tax benefits while supporting charitable organizations and initiatives.

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