Debtor’s & Creditor’s Rights

Looking for skilled legal professionals to handle your bankruptcy, collections, foreclosure, credit agency reporting, or identity theft cases? Our team is here to assist you. With expertise in representing both debtors and creditors, we provide comprehensive legal services. Trust our experienced attorneys to navigate the complexities of these legal matters with utmost proficiency. Whether you need assistance with debt management or protection against identity theft, our professionals are well-equipped to handle your specific needs.

Debtor's & Creditor's Rights | Yergey Daylor | Attorneys at Law

Debtor’s & Creditor’s Rights

Our legal professionals are highly skilled in representing both debtors and creditors in a range of legal matters, including bankruptcy, collections, foreclosure, credit agency reporting, and identity theft cases.

Whether you are a debtor facing financial challenges or a creditor seeking to protect your rights and recover debts owed to you, our knowledgeable attorneys are here to guide you through the complexities of this area of law.

Debt Collection

Our experienced attorneys specialize in debt collection, helping creditors recover outstanding debts through effective negotiation, litigation, and settlement strategies. We understand the complexities involved in the debt collection process and provide professional guidance to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Creditors’ Rights

We are well-versed in creditors’ rights and offer comprehensive legal assistance to creditors facing challenges with debtors who fail to repay their debts. Our services include:

  • Filing lawsuits.
  • Obtaining judgments.
  • Placing liens on the property.
  • Pursuing other legal remedies to protect our client’s interests and recover the funds owed to them.

Debt Restructuring

Our firm can provide guidance on debt restructuring options if you’re struggling with overwhelming debt. We work closely with clients to negotiate with creditors, aiming to modify debt agreements and make them more manageable. We aim to help clients reduce interest rates, extend repayment periods, and explore other viable solutions for successful debt repayment.


Navigating bankruptcy laws can be complex, but our skilled attorneys are here to help. We assist individuals and businesses in understanding their options, assessing the benefits and consequences of bankruptcy, and guiding them through the process. Our expertise ensures clients can make informed decisions and find the best path toward financial relief.

Foreclosure Defense

Our foreclosure defense services offer valuable support for homeowners facing the threat of foreclosure. Our knowledgeable attorneys help clients explore legal strategies to prevent or delay foreclosure, negotiate loan modifications, and pursue alternatives that allow them to keep their homes. We are committed to protecting our client’s rights throughout the process.

Collection Lawsuits

In the event of a collection lawsuit, our experienced attorneys represent both creditors and debtors. We guide our clients through litigation, ensuring their interests are advocated for effectively. With our expertise, we provide strong legal representation and work towards achieving favorable outcomes in collection lawsuits.


Understanding garnishment laws and protecting your rights is crucial. Our firm offers expert advice on garnishment matters, helping clients navigate the legal procedures involved. In addition, we provide guidance on how to respond to garnishment actions and offer strategic solutions to minimize its impact on our client’s financial well-being.


Our skilled lawyers can assist you if you’re facing repossession of your assets, such as vehicles or property. We offer comprehensive support in repossession matters, ensuring our clients understand their rights, challenging wrongful repossessions, and negotiating the return of their assets. We aim to protect our client’s interests and help them retain their valuable belongings.

Debt Settlement

Our firm provides debt settlement services to help clients negotiate with creditors and achieve favorable outcomes. We understand the challenges of overwhelming debt and work diligently to reduce the total amount owed. By establishing a mutually agreed-upon repayment plan, we strive to help clients satisfy their debts in a way that aligns with their financial capabilities.

Judgment Enforcement

We assist clients in enforcing judgments through various legal means, including wage garnishment, property liens, and bank account seizures. Our goal is to help clients recover the funds owed to them and ensure justice is served.

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